Welcome to my world…


A brand new day… a brand new year and a brand new me… mixed with the wisdom, strength and love I have gained over the past 40 some years. Waking up this morning I feel inspired. I have new ideas and creative visions emerging from within my being. Okay… well at first I felt sleepy, then cold… and then sleepy again. But… after a few stretches and some focusing of my thoughts as to what day of the week it is and what is on my agenda for the day… well after that I am feeling inspiration rising up inside of me and bubbling over into my world. It could be because I realize I have the day off! Ha!

Today is a day I don’t have to rush or be anywhere at any certain time. Maybe that is why my creativity has been awakened… Maybe that is why the dreams of future successes and accomplishments begin to breathe, and grow and stretch themselves out into my world.

This is essentiallyandrea’s beginning. This is our beginning. Today is the day this blog is born and my life begins to become an open book… a guided tour… and a teaching tool for anyone who enjoys a good quote, an inspirational story, a possible antidote, a nutritionally sound yet yummy recipe, a natural and holistic treatment for an everyday ailment and ache, some self-help guidance on living from spirit and not from ego all mixed up with a little bit of zaney, crazy and just plain being Andrea. I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my world and I truly hope it uplifts, enlightens and enhances yours.

Surprise 2015...  Here we come

Surprise 2015…
Here we come

Let the journey begin…Happy 2015!


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