Monday Monday Monday!!!

It’s here. The first Monday of the new year. 2015’s first ever MON….DAY. Monday… the day that officially starts it all! M.O.N.D.A.Y. So I’m up and on my way to take my youngest daughter to her British Literature class. She takes the class every Monday for an hour and fifteen minutes. We homeschool. Yes, that’s right I am a homeschool mom! Shout out to all the homeschool mom’s!!……. Hey:) Being a homeschool mom is awesome. Seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I tried the regular, structured routine deal and it’s just not for us. It’s absolutely great if it works for you, I totally believe everyone should have the freedom to choose what works for them, but for me and my girls homeschool is the best.

My To Do List Today:

  • Get up & get ready
  • feed dogs (rescue dogs Harriett and Kiley) & one cat (Little Bit, she adopted us and wakes me up every day around 5:30 a.m. ahhhh:/)
  • water plants (an orchid, a polka-dot and a Philodendron that has grown well past ten feet long in length)
  • make kid breakfast (I have two kids but one gets up later and makes it for herself)
  • drive to class (not far from the house)
  • go get a chick fil a’ tea!!!:) yummy!! I always order it half and half with no ice.
  • go to Publix and pick up a few things (probably just stuff to make dinner… maybe I’ll make meatloaf, on Mondays I try to make something that we can eat for a few nights to free up my evenings a bit through the week)
  • go back and pick up kids
  • get lunch
  • come home and…
  • teach Math and Spelling to my youngest and Economics and French I to my oldest (this are Monday’s classes)
  • visit wit my godson Owen!!! He’s just over three months old and he’s coming to visit today:)
  • do laundry… I have about three loads left after the two from yesterday this I’ll do while I do the rest of this list
  • get my “other jobs” done (I have many jobs. I write. I already published one children’s book, Bella Morella. I sell a construction product called Angle Iron Cover, I’ve been selling this since 1999, this job I do 24/7 as we sell all across the USA and Canada and I get calls, emails, web hits, at all hours., and I sell Young Living Essential Oils- love-love-love these!! email me if you want more info on any of this
  • work on my blog – love this time of day 🙂 may have to finish it when I go to bed
  • make dinner and finish laundry
  • watch a little T.V. basically so I can visit with my husband 🙂 We’ve been married 25 years this April!:)
  • tidy up and take a shower (adding into the shower my “oil pick of the day” to bring an “ahhh yes” and some relaxation to “my” time… well “my” fifteen minutes … lol 🙂 It’s all good. This is just Monday. The days get more relaxed as the week progresses. I learned long ago to move things around, stop in the middle and take a quiet moment or just knock it off your list if you need to.
  • get in bed, contemplate how grateful I am to have such a blessed and beautiful life… and go to sleep… I love sleep:)

Oh yeah I’m going to throw in some yoga and I hope a few minutes on my new stepper. The day seems full but it flows nicely as long as one doesn’t become too serious about perfection or absolute completion. Most things are fairly portable and can be moved around or placed on other days. I just keep an open mind and remember it’s not about the list as much as it is about the moment I’m in. Just take it one moment at a time, with the list as a mere guidepost or goal setter.

So what does your first Monday of 2015 look like? What’s it gonna be, or dependent upon when you are reading this … what was it like? No matter how it starts or sways, or went, remember… YOU GOT THIS! If you’re not feeling good about something then change it. If it’s something you cannot change then accept it… and let it go. You hold all the power. Don’t give it away to anyone or anything else. Live your life walking in a state of gratitude and love and if the opportunity arises share a smile, give a compliment and pass out some joy:) You’ll be glad you did. It all comes back at ya no matter what you choose to give out…Think about that and load your days up with what you want to see and receive in your own life. YOU GOT THIS! Go build and enjoy an amazing 2015!!! 🙂 oxoxox

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