Sleeping With a Rhino…

Natural Living … Awesome Oil Update:

Okay… so most of you know I love Young Living Essential Oils… I started using them in Nov. of last year after doing a ton of research. Last night we witnessed two new breakthroughs!! I diffused Lavender oil by our bed for about 15 minutes before Dirk (my husband) and I went to sleep. I also noticed Dirk resting his arm across his cheekbone to help open his nasal passages. I asked him if I could put Peppermint oil on his face. He of course first made a few smart remarks;) to be funny but then I just put the tiniest little amount right on the edge of his mustache shadow, like above the outside corner of his top lip. It was such a tiny amount of oil I had just as much on my fingertip. So Lavender is diffusing… lofting through our room and Peppermint is lightly dabbed on Dirk’s face. I turned off the diffuser and we went to sleep. Okay I usually hear everything. Kids moving in their beds, dogs drinking water, our cat jumping down off of the hope chest by my bed, etc. but most of all I hear Dirk snore. I hear everything because he wakes me with his snoring and then I tune in to all the noises around me. He doesn’t snore bad most nights unless he’s really tired or congested from drinking milk… but he does snore on and off. In addition to snoring he has the tendency to toss and turn. When Dirk tosses and turns he shakes and moves the whole bed. We have a beautiful strong wooden frame from Bombay and Co. but Dirk works out and he’s thick and not very graceful… It’s like a rhino is flipping over in the bed:) I worry at times the screws will loosen and one night our bed will just fall to the floor:) Dirk says it won’t happen everything is fine:) He tries not to move so powerfully but many nights it’s just how it is. I tell you this so you can appreciate my elation this morning upon waking up fully rested as I slept through the entire night without ever waking up! Dirk never snored or tossed and turned. The Lavender definitely relaxed us both and then the Peppermint opened his nasal passages and he didn’t snore! So… happy Thursday everyone… Hope you slept well too:)

lavender bottleIMG_1823IMG_1824

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