Connective Power

Hey so I know it’s not summer yet … and many of us are experiencing rather cold weather but let’s talk coal. Let’s talk coal like in a BBQ grill. Those small, strong, hardworking pieces of potential. Think about it… These pieces of coal get piled together and then set on fire to create enough heat and flame to perform their destined purpose… cook our food.

single piece of coal

We stack them, dump them, and light them and voila. If one piece of coal rolls off to the side and finds itself all alone most of the time it’s flame lessens and it’s powerful heat to fulfill it’s purpose decreases or goes out completely. We are like coal. When we connect with others in our lives and we encourage each other, support one another and work together… well our potential to fulfill our purpose is immeasurable… our passion is on fire! When one of us falls away from our group and finds ourselves alone we eventually begin to feel our light lessen, our fire weaken and our purpose blur. Staying connected to others brings us power! Connective Power! Find good people, believe and envision yourself surrounded by uplifting, encouraging, positive people who will be your BBQ goal group. Stay tight… feed your flames positive and empowering energy and feed the flames of those hot coals all around you. Let the fire get hotter and hotter and let the destiny and purpose of all be fulfilled. Happy Grilling;)


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