Upside Down You Turn Me

How fast can the game change? How fast can life turn a corner? …Well, how fast can you think a new thought, or change your perception? … Less than four days ago I was infinitely immersed in sincere deliberation of my personal economic future. Beyond personal, it was also the financial fate of my immediate family that swayed through my thoughts, on a rope braided with positives and negatives, pros & cons. Is it truth to say that contemplating ones future life’s work with single-minded interpretation is selfish? Hovering over my thoughts, while navigating my emotions I found myself seeking middle ground. Looking for a landmark, a safe and recognizable place I could retreat to, to allow me to find my bearings and establish my location, I found myself pondering the notion of actually trusting everything would work out, and releasing the need to control it all. I let go. I went on with my day. Life played out its beautiful song as the hours performed their solos. Time passed and I pictured those Lilies we’ve heard about. The ones growing beautifully in that field, without a care, yet in complete and utter splendor. “Be the Lily,’ I thought. Within moments, as if carried by the wind, the perfect answer gently rooted itself inside my life. My mind received it, analyzed it, and a feeling of joy, and peace came whirling up within me. I felt so excited. ‘This could seriously solve everything!’ I realized. Releasing my grip, I actually grabbed ahold of all that I needed. The system is in place. Use it. Allow it. Understand in the moments of “this too shall pass” that the plan is still unfolding. If you feel sad, angry, fearful, alone, frustrated, emotionally drained… let those feelings be recognized for the truth they hold in that moment. Allow them to be what they are. Validate their existence, discover the guidance they offer to facilitate healing, and then release them. Thank them for their truth, and their guidance to understanding your state of being, in that moment. Get out-of-the-way and just be the Lily that you are… beautiful, strong, lovely, kind, calm, and true. Here’s to a new day, a good day… a happy day!


…On those days that you feel like a weed… remember you are a Lily and this too shall pass… let go and be the Lily.

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