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So… new thing I’m adding to the site … Video!!:) I just launched my own YouTube channel (woot-woot!) … and I’m posting a link below to one of my first videos… my essential oil pick of the week and I intend to add more videos with various topics to share with you guys! Enjoy the video and keep stopping by as you never know what I’ll be talking about next:) Please share the blog and channel with your friends. I really appreciate your support!:)

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Age Old Tried and New ?

Amazed again!!! Seriously. A few weeks ago my neighbor came over to drop off some home-grown veggies. She wanted to say thank you for my husband hauling off a large tree limb from her yard that had fallen down in the Christmas Week Storm. I invited her in and we sat in my living room chatting over a cup of tea (cool right… how many people do you know who actually have a neighbor just show up with home-grown veggies and then comes in to “sit a spell” over a cup of tea… I felt like I was on the Walton’s) and as we visited she asked me what the beautiful scent was. I told her I was diffusing Thieves Oil. Her face lit up with a big smile. “I haven’t heard of Thieves Oil since I was a little girl” she told me. She went on to tell me stories of how her grandmother use to mix up what they called GreatGram’s recipes to help with whatever they were dealing with.

My neighbor is in her 70’s and as I listened to her stories I felt like I was receiving way more than just home-grown veggies. We enjoyed visiting back and forth sharing age-old wisdom that she brought and new-found wisdom I had to share. She loved my oils. We talked about each one (and I currently have 29 different oils and blends) She laughed and shared remedies she remembered GreatGram using on her and her brothers. Many of the oils I now use to help my family she grew up with as their main source of aide and healing! She was pleased to hear these oils were making their way back into our daily lives.

Several days ago she came back over but this time I could tell her face looked worried and troubled. I was outside cleaning out my car when she walked up and asked if I had a moment. She went on to explain to me how her six-year-old great-granddaughter had gotten head lice and due to some developmental issues she struggles with and a very dangerous past reaction to another OTC drug they were frantically searching for an alternative to the toxic lice treatments available. They tried a mayonnaise treatment and left it on for over 12 hours!! … but it didn’t get rid of the head lice. My neighbor was so worried about her great-granddaughter! I immediately got out my huge Essential Oils Desk Reference book and looked up head lice treatments. I found that all the oils they suggested I happen to have on hand. I mixed up what she needed and sent it with her.

It has been about a week now and she just came over again this time with tears in her eyes. She immediately hugged me and with a very broken voice explained how well her great-granddaughter was doing. There is no sign of any head lice and her great-granddaughter experienced no adverse reactions to these natural helpers. In addition her great-granddaughter’s hair is softer and more manageable than ever, and her great granddaughter keeps saying how pretty her hair smells! My neighbor kept saying thank you again and again as she headed back home with happy tears and a huge smile on her face. Three months ago I wouldn’t have had this knowledge to help her.

I am SO loving this oily life!!!!:)    ~ SHARING ~ CARING  & GROWING ~

While You Were Out…

Hi Guys!

SO sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Things got a bit busy. My daughters were both involved in an Irish dance performance of The Snow Queen, performed at the historic Leaf Theatre in Quincy, FL.


The show went off without a hitch and was exhilarating to watch. The cast, crew, and director etc… did a fabulous job! My mom and sister along with her husband endured a journey of over 12 hours in total to come and support my girls.


My family stayed for a few days and it was really nice to be together. My mom will turn 81 this February. Her knees have been very painful for her for years. She had her hip replaced a year or so ago and contemplating knee replacements at 81 has her seriously looking for a good alternative. Remember how I just found the Young Living Essential oils a few months ago well I asked my mom if she would try the oils on her knees. She stopped taking her OTC pain meds because after years and years of consuming them they were jeopardizing the health of her liver and such. So with the pain practically through the roof she was happy to have the oils rubbed on her knees. Within minutes my mom’s face lit up with a smile of relief and joy. Thank you she told me with a broken voice filled with sincere gratitude. I wish I would have been able to bring her this relief sooner but I am deeply thankful to be able to bring these healing oils to her now. Her knees have been through over 80 years of use and hard work and being able to calm their pain and bring her peace is beyond words! Walking down the hallway of my home with more zip in her step than I have seen in a while my mom says, “I’m actually walking better than when I arrived here.” Everyone responds differently to all kinds of treatments and remedies but seeing my mom find freedom from the severe pain she was feeling and has been feeling for years was amazing! Thank you Young Living!!! I’m thankful I have the opportunity to bring these high quality natural healers to those in need. There is an oil for just about everything and their benefits seem endless.

I was going to mix it up a bit and talk about something else as my last post was also about oils but I just keep experiencing great results with these oils and to not share this info would be so selfish of me. People turn to OTC drugs and toxic cleaners and remedies every day but to know there is a natural alternative available that in my opinion actually works better is amazing! Every day I tell you, every day I use at least one oil for something whether its cleaning, de-stressing, headaches, tummy aches, sore joints or back aches, TMJ, anxiety, moisturizing our skin, deodorizing my vacuum and the list goes on and on:) So here’s to the oily life… it’s a good one!:)

Sleeping With a Rhino…

Natural Living … Awesome Oil Update:

Okay… so most of you know I love Young Living Essential Oils… I started using them in Nov. of last year after doing a ton of research. Last night we witnessed two new breakthroughs!! I diffused Lavender oil by our bed for about 15 minutes before Dirk (my husband) and I went to sleep. I also noticed Dirk resting his arm across his cheekbone to help open his nasal passages. I asked him if I could put Peppermint oil on his face. He of course first made a few smart remarks;) to be funny but then I just put the tiniest little amount right on the edge of his mustache shadow, like above the outside corner of his top lip. It was such a tiny amount of oil I had just as much on my fingertip. So Lavender is diffusing… lofting through our room and Peppermint is lightly dabbed on Dirk’s face. I turned off the diffuser and we went to sleep. Okay I usually hear everything. Kids moving in their beds, dogs drinking water, our cat jumping down off of the hope chest by my bed, etc. but most of all I hear Dirk snore. I hear everything because he wakes me with his snoring and then I tune in to all the noises around me. He doesn’t snore bad most nights unless he’s really tired or congested from drinking milk… but he does snore on and off. In addition to snoring he has the tendency to toss and turn. When Dirk tosses and turns he shakes and moves the whole bed. We have a beautiful strong wooden frame from Bombay and Co. but Dirk works out and he’s thick and not very graceful… It’s like a rhino is flipping over in the bed:) I worry at times the screws will loosen and one night our bed will just fall to the floor:) Dirk says it won’t happen everything is fine:) He tries not to move so powerfully but many nights it’s just how it is. I tell you this so you can appreciate my elation this morning upon waking up fully rested as I slept through the entire night without ever waking up! Dirk never snored or tossed and turned. The Lavender definitely relaxed us both and then the Peppermint opened his nasal passages and he didn’t snore! So… happy Thursday everyone… Hope you slept well too:)

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