While You Were Out…

Hi Guys!

SO sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Things got a bit busy. My daughters were both involved in an Irish dance performance of The Snow Queen, performed at the historic Leaf Theatre in Quincy, FL.


The show went off without a hitch and was exhilarating to watch. The cast, crew, and director etc… did a fabulous job! My mom and sister along with her husband endured a journey of over 12 hours in total to come and support my girls.


My family stayed for a few days and it was really nice to be together. My mom will turn 81 this February. Her knees have been very painful for her for years. She had her hip replaced a year or so ago and contemplating knee replacements at 81 has her seriously looking for a good alternative. Remember how I just found the Young Living Essential oils a few months ago well I asked my mom if she would try the oils on her knees. She stopped taking her OTC pain meds because after years and years of consuming them they were jeopardizing the health of her liver and such. So with the pain practically through the roof she was happy to have the oils rubbed on her knees. Within minutes my mom’s face lit up with a smile of relief and joy. Thank you she told me with a broken voice filled with sincere gratitude. I wish I would have been able to bring her this relief sooner but I am deeply thankful to be able to bring these healing oils to her now. Her knees have been through over 80 years of use and hard work and being able to calm their pain and bring her peace is beyond words! Walking down the hallway of my home with more zip in her step than I have seen in a while my mom says, “I’m actually walking better than when I arrived here.” Everyone responds differently to all kinds of treatments and remedies but seeing my mom find freedom from the severe pain she was feeling and has been feeling for years was amazing! Thank you Young Living!!! I’m thankful I have the opportunity to bring these high quality natural healers to those in need. There is an oil for just about everything and their benefits seem endless.

I was going to mix it up a bit and talk about something else as my last post was also about oils but I just keep experiencing great results with these oils and to not share this info would be so selfish of me. People turn to OTC drugs and toxic cleaners and remedies every day but to know there is a natural alternative available that in my opinion actually works better is amazing! Every day I tell you, every day I use at least one oil for something whether its cleaning, de-stressing, headaches, tummy aches, sore joints or back aches, TMJ, anxiety, moisturizing our skin, deodorizing my vacuum and the list goes on and on:) So here’s to the oily life… it’s a good one!:)

Sleeping With a Rhino…

Natural Living … Awesome Oil Update:

Okay… so most of you know I love Young Living Essential Oils… I started using them in Nov. of last year after doing a ton of research. Last night we witnessed two new breakthroughs!! I diffused Lavender oil by our bed for about 15 minutes before Dirk (my husband) and I went to sleep. I also noticed Dirk resting his arm across his cheekbone to help open his nasal passages. I asked him if I could put Peppermint oil on his face. He of course first made a few smart remarks;) to be funny but then I just put the tiniest little amount right on the edge of his mustache shadow, like above the outside corner of his top lip. It was such a tiny amount of oil I had just as much on my fingertip. So Lavender is diffusing… lofting through our room and Peppermint is lightly dabbed on Dirk’s face. I turned off the diffuser and we went to sleep. Okay I usually hear everything. Kids moving in their beds, dogs drinking water, our cat jumping down off of the hope chest by my bed, etc. but most of all I hear Dirk snore. I hear everything because he wakes me with his snoring and then I tune in to all the noises around me. He doesn’t snore bad most nights unless he’s really tired or congested from drinking milk… but he does snore on and off. In addition to snoring he has the tendency to toss and turn. When Dirk tosses and turns he shakes and moves the whole bed. We have a beautiful strong wooden frame from Bombay and Co. but Dirk works out and he’s thick and not very graceful… It’s like a rhino is flipping over in the bed:) I worry at times the screws will loosen and one night our bed will just fall to the floor:) Dirk says it won’t happen everything is fine:) He tries not to move so powerfully but many nights it’s just how it is. I tell you this so you can appreciate my elation this morning upon waking up fully rested as I slept through the entire night without ever waking up! Dirk never snored or tossed and turned. The Lavender definitely relaxed us both and then the Peppermint opened his nasal passages and he didn’t snore! So… happy Thursday everyone… Hope you slept well too:)

lavender bottleIMG_1823IMG_1824

Oh What a Beautiful Morning….

Funny thing… growing up knowing your mom and dad did a great job raising you and then finding yourself in a moment as an adult … knowing they did a great job raising you! Yesterday was awesome had a great birthday. Felt very blessed and grateful… lots of love. Today is off to a fantastic start. I had to deal with some health insurance stuff… no fun… usually… but I have been implementing purposeful shifts with old programming thoughts and in doing so I found myself happily handling the issue and everything going my way. The funny thing is after handling the insurance stuff I get in the shower and of course start singing:) but the song that bellows out from within my heart and soul is one I haven’t heard in many, many years. In fact that was my “know that your parents did a great job moment” I found myself singing a song my mother sang when I was growing up and she is still singing today:)

Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beautiful day,

I’ve got a beautiful feeling,

Everything’s going my way.

As I sang the lyrics I felt so happy and peaceful. In that moment I thought “wow” this is the perfect affirmation to start your day! I have been implementing positive affirmations for several years now. Thanks mom for planting one of many inside my heart and mind so early in life. I continued singing, enjoying every note and feeling more joyful and happy with every line.

I’m enjoying sharing with you, hope you are enjoying it too.

Found this cool video clip on YouTube. It’s Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma singing the song! Check it out if you like.

Here’s to a beautiful day!:)


Ready Set Yo…..ga:)

So I am heading back to the yoga mat. I never really left it yet I haven’t been as faithful as I had hoped to be. BUT… that’s not a problem just a reality and within moments I can change that reality. So my plan is to get a routine going and actually video it from time to time and offer it here on the site. Those of you who have always wanted to try yoga or get back to it please stop by and join me for a class or two. It’s going to be totally beginner style mixed with words of wisdom, thoughts of peace and possibly a few laughs but those with any health issues please consult your doctor before beginning any physical activities.

    Featured image

    Videos will be here soon….. Namaste’

Monday Monday Monday!!!

It’s here. The first Monday of the new year. 2015’s first ever MON….DAY. Monday… the day that officially starts it all! M.O.N.D.A.Y. So I’m up and on my way to take my youngest daughter to her British Literature class. She takes the class every Monday for an hour and fifteen minutes. We homeschool. Yes, that’s right I am a homeschool mom! Shout out to all the homeschool mom’s!!……. Hey:) Being a homeschool mom is awesome. Seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I tried the regular, structured routine deal and it’s just not for us. It’s absolutely great if it works for you, I totally believe everyone should have the freedom to choose what works for them, but for me and my girls homeschool is the best.

My To Do List Today:

  • Get up & get ready
  • feed dogs (rescue dogs Harriett and Kiley) & one cat (Little Bit, she adopted us and wakes me up every day around 5:30 a.m. ahhhh:/)
  • water plants (an orchid, a polka-dot and a Philodendron that has grown well past ten feet long in length)
  • make kid breakfast (I have two kids but one gets up later and makes it for herself)
  • drive to class (not far from the house)
  • go get a chick fil a’ tea!!!:) yummy!! I always order it half and half with no ice.
  • go to Publix and pick up a few things (probably just stuff to make dinner… maybe I’ll make meatloaf, on Mondays I try to make something that we can eat for a few nights to free up my evenings a bit through the week)
  • go back and pick up kids
  • get lunch
  • come home and…
  • teach Math and Spelling to my youngest and Economics and French I to my oldest (this are Monday’s classes)
  • visit wit my godson Owen!!! He’s just over three months old and he’s coming to visit today:)
  • do laundry… I have about three loads left after the two from yesterday this I’ll do while I do the rest of this list
  • get my “other jobs” done (I have many jobs. I write. I already published one children’s book, Bella Morella. http://www.BellaMorella.com. I sell a construction product called Angle Iron Cover, I’ve been selling this since 1999, this job I do 24/7 as we sell all across the USA and Canada and I get calls, emails, web hits, at all hours. http://www.angleironcover.com, and I sell Young Living Essential Oils- love-love-love these!! email me if you want more info on any of this alonesgarris@gmail.com
  • work on my blog – love this time of day 🙂 may have to finish it when I go to bed
  • make dinner and finish laundry
  • watch a little T.V. basically so I can visit with my husband 🙂 We’ve been married 25 years this April!:)
  • tidy up and take a shower (adding into the shower my “oil pick of the day” to bring an “ahhh yes” and some relaxation to “my” time… well “my” fifteen minutes … lol 🙂 It’s all good. This is just Monday. The days get more relaxed as the week progresses. I learned long ago to move things around, stop in the middle and take a quiet moment or just knock it off your list if you need to.
  • get in bed, contemplate how grateful I am to have such a blessed and beautiful life… and go to sleep… I love sleep:)

Oh yeah I’m going to throw in some yoga and I hope a few minutes on my new stepper. The day seems full but it flows nicely as long as one doesn’t become too serious about perfection or absolute completion. Most things are fairly portable and can be moved around or placed on other days. I just keep an open mind and remember it’s not about the list as much as it is about the moment I’m in. Just take it one moment at a time, with the list as a mere guidepost or goal setter.

So what does your first Monday of 2015 look like? What’s it gonna be, or dependent upon when you are reading this … what was it like? No matter how it starts or sways, or went, remember… YOU GOT THIS! If you’re not feeling good about something then change it. If it’s something you cannot change then accept it… and let it go. You hold all the power. Don’t give it away to anyone or anything else. Live your life walking in a state of gratitude and love and if the opportunity arises share a smile, give a compliment and pass out some joy:) You’ll be glad you did. It all comes back at ya no matter what you choose to give out…Think about that and load your days up with what you want to see and receive in your own life. YOU GOT THIS! Go build and enjoy an amazing 2015!!! 🙂 oxoxox

We Got This

This is an amazing time of year. This is the time of year that brings a feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings. Many of us prep weeks ahead with ideas to join gyms, create diet plans and list goals to achieve. With lists of resolutions which may soon be compromised by old programming waiting to run into each other head on let’s step out of the old programming box. Let’s look at 2015 in a new way. This next step and new space is wide open to be filled by us with whatever we choose. Let’s fill it well. We are capable of greatness or failure … Let’s be mindful to humbly walk in greatness. We can do this! YOU can do this. Let’s step out of the box together.

Let’s show up every day with gratitude in our hearts and thoughts. YOU decide. You can have any life you choose. No one creates your reality but you. You have a SuperSelf inside of you, we all do. Your SuperSelf is you at your best, the best part of you. My intent is to guide any who are interested in finding their SuperSelf to do so. This is the time. Today is upon us and offering us the space in which we can step up, step out and become all we are destined to be. Step up to the plate, play with great skill and purpose and allow the ancient wisdom that resides deep within your being to guide and protect you. You know this … The answers are all there. Take your time … as there really is plenty;)


I will be adding various pages to this site to assist us as we reprogram and assimilate the information and ideas we will be using to grow and strengthen our lives. I plan to learn more and more about blogging so I can offer more to you. Be kind and know I’m learning as fast as I can. This is going to be an amazing journey! I’m thrilled to be taking it with you!


Welcome to my world…


A brand new day… a brand new year and a brand new me… mixed with the wisdom, strength and love I have gained over the past 40 some years. Waking up this morning I feel inspired. I have new ideas and creative visions emerging from within my being. Okay… well at first I felt sleepy, then cold… and then sleepy again. But… after a few stretches and some focusing of my thoughts as to what day of the week it is and what is on my agenda for the day… well after that I am feeling inspiration rising up inside of me and bubbling over into my world. It could be because I realize I have the day off! Ha!

Today is a day I don’t have to rush or be anywhere at any certain time. Maybe that is why my creativity has been awakened… Maybe that is why the dreams of future successes and accomplishments begin to breathe, and grow and stretch themselves out into my world.

This is essentiallyandrea’s beginning. This is our beginning. Today is the day this blog is born and my life begins to become an open book… a guided tour… and a teaching tool for anyone who enjoys a good quote, an inspirational story, a possible antidote, a nutritionally sound yet yummy recipe, a natural and holistic treatment for an everyday ailment and ache, some self-help guidance on living from spirit and not from ego all mixed up with a little bit of zaney, crazy and just plain being Andrea. I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my world and I truly hope it uplifts, enlightens and enhances yours.

Surprise 2015...  Here we come

Surprise 2015…
Here we come

Let the journey begin…Happy 2015!