What’s in your garden?


You reap what you sow… What you send out comes back… Judge not lest ye be judge… You get what you give.

Take a moment. Quiet yourself and think back over your day, the past week even the past year. Do you see things in your life that are pleasant? Do you see truth, honesty, kindness, joy… love? Check your seeds. Check the seeds you have been planting. What actions and or reactions have you been placing into your life and the lives of others. What choices and decisions have you been planting in your life and the lives of those around you? If you plant spinach you will reap spinach. If you plant an orange tree you will get oranges. If you plant goodness you will get goodness. If you plant negative thoughts and deeds… well you get the picture. Sometimes even with the best intentions gardeners forget to weed their gardens. Sometimes even with the best intentions gardeners forget to go the extra mile and fertilize their gardens. Life is so beautiful and resilient. Even if forgotten, weed ridden… or weak… when shown love and caring, gardens respond quickly and powerfully! You got this!

To Do List:

Check our thoughts, words and deeds for weeds

Take time to give a fertilizer of goodness, joy and love to our gardens of life

Reap our harvests … no matter what it will be what we have planted… what we put in is what will come out

Plant LOVE.

Happy Harvesting:)


*photo from theblessinghamgardens.com