I Love You…

You have probably said these three simple yet powerful words to someone at some time in your life. Odds are good that you have heard someone else say these three words to you at least one time. My question is have you ever said these three words to yourself? Most of us haven’t. Most of us believe deep down we love ourselves and we are good people but have we ever told ourselves “I love you?”

I learned a very powerful exercise from a beautiful woman named Louise Hay. I read her book,You Can Heal Your Life, many years ago and I still refer to it all the time. It’s an excellent source for inspiration to be your best “you” …to learn to love yourself sincerely and to heal past wounds and release old baggage. I highly recommend this book. In the book Louise tells the reader to get in front of a mirror and look yourself directly in the eyes. Just stay there for a few minutes looking into your own eyes. Really acknowledge the fact that you are “seeing” yourself. You are looking into your own being. You can see you as a child, a young person, a teenager and an adult. You see the child with your old nickname that you have desperately tried to get rid of and cringe when a distant family member calls you it at a family holiday dinner. You can see the child who maybe endured some type of abuse or bullying. You can see the teenager who felt lost or alone or frustrated with life. You can see all your good moments as well as those moments you have worked so hard to forget. As you view yourself you may feel vulnerable… you may feel anxious or sad or even overwhelmed. Breathe through the feelings… ¬†allow them to be what they are and then release them as a part of your journey. Release them as incidences that occurred in your past. Allow anything negative that may have been attached to these memories to dissolve and leave you as you look in your eyes and say to yourself with heartfelt sincere truth… “I love you.”

Keep breathing and telling yourself, “I love you.” Say this again and again over and over and allow the beauty that begins to surface to evolve completely into a pure connection of your entire being… who you were, who you are and who you are becoming. Every part of you deserves to hear I love you. The parts of you that you may have tried to forget are the parts of you who deserve it the most! You are strong. You are wise. You are brave… every part of you is. You deserve this… this understanding and forgiveness. You deserve this acceptance and deliverance. You deserve this love. Find a quiet, private moment and try this out. It may be one of the best things you may ever do. You are amazing and beautiful… all of you is. Get to know yourself again.

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PS: I love you:)