One Way Or Another

I’m baaack! So sorry for the drop off in posts. It’s been a while and so much has happened. Let’s see… the recap version goes something like this… Family moved away, health needed tending to, kid’s dance and theatre lessons tripled, health has been restored, took emergency flight via a six seater prop plane to see mom before her surgery, left next day as she was doing great, met/meeting a ton of interesting new people, spent summer writing 30k+ word book (Bella Morella, book two- Intentionally Amazing), took daughter to audition for lead role in community theatre play (first audition ever), daughter got the role of Jane Banks in Mary Poppins! (super excited and proud), in publishing stages for book, attending all, and there are many, rehearsals for play with daughter, recently got back on twitter, enjoyed and found my happy place throughout it all, watching Stargate Atlantis and totally falling in LOVE with the show. Now I am coasting through the rehearsals with my daughter, loving every minute and missing them when she has a night off. I am finalizing the book for release very soon, more to come on that. I am searching for other great Sci-fi movies and shows as I am officially addicted, and I am back in the Social Media world via; FB, YouTube, Twitter, Bella Morella website, and Instagram. Too much goodness out there to not join in. I LOVE you all and missed you greatly. Check back in soon….

Hugs! 🙂 oxoxox

….Live your life with gratitude and love, and gratitude and love will fill your life.

While You Were Out…

Hi Guys!

SO sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Things got a bit busy. My daughters were both involved in an Irish dance performance of The Snow Queen, performed at the historic Leaf Theatre in Quincy, FL.


The show went off without a hitch and was exhilarating to watch. The cast, crew, and director etc… did a fabulous job! My mom and sister along with her husband endured a journey of over 12 hours in total to come and support my girls.


My family stayed for a few days and it was really nice to be together. My mom will turn 81 this February. Her knees have been very painful for her for years. She had her hip replaced a year or so ago and contemplating knee replacements at 81 has her seriously looking for a good alternative. Remember how I just found the Young Living Essential oils a few months ago well I asked my mom if she would try the oils on her knees. She stopped taking her OTC pain meds because after years and years of consuming them they were jeopardizing the health of her liver and such. So with the pain practically through the roof she was happy to have the oils rubbed on her knees. Within minutes my mom’s face lit up with a smile of relief and joy. Thank you she told me with a broken voice filled with sincere gratitude. I wish I would have been able to bring her this relief sooner but I am deeply thankful to be able to bring these healing oils to her now. Her knees have been through over 80 years of use and hard work and being able to calm their pain and bring her peace is beyond words! Walking down the hallway of my home with more zip in her step than I have seen in a while my mom says, “I’m actually walking better than when I arrived here.” Everyone responds differently to all kinds of treatments and remedies but seeing my mom find freedom from the severe pain she was feeling and has been feeling for years was amazing! Thank you Young Living!!! I’m thankful I have the opportunity to bring these high quality natural healers to those in need. There is an oil for just about everything and their benefits seem endless.

I was going to mix it up a bit and talk about something else as my last post was also about oils but I just keep experiencing great results with these oils and to not share this info would be so selfish of me. People turn to OTC drugs and toxic cleaners and remedies every day but to know there is a natural alternative available that in my opinion actually works better is amazing! Every day I tell you, every day I use at least one oil for something whether its cleaning, de-stressing, headaches, tummy aches, sore joints or back aches, TMJ, anxiety, moisturizing our skin, deodorizing my vacuum and the list goes on and on:) So here’s to the oily life… it’s a good one!:)