Walk the Talk

Walk the talk… not always easy. Personally, I am contemplating some big ideas/changes and I am thinking what advice would I give to myself, as I am in this position? I find my thoughts going from, just do it, to just keep your head low and don’t make waves. I’m pondering the possibility that my health may be being affected by my limbo state of decision-making. It’s so easy to say to someone else, “You need to do what’s right for you” … but it’s much more difficult to say it to yourself. I know I will figure this out. Talking to all of you about it, be it ever so brief, and quite vague, I still feel some sort of release. I wish I could say more, and I could but for now this is probably best. It’s nothing life-changing or Universe-altering:) I will keep you posted. Send me good energy, prayers, and love… please. My love to all.


Seek and you shall find… be mindful of what you are looking for.